Prefabricated Custom Roofing System

Using factory prefabrication, Duro-Last, Inc. produces 80-85% of the seaming in a controlled environment to provide quality-assured products, thus reducing liability of behalf of all parties involved. Only 15-25% of seaming is done in the field, allowing peace-of-mind for the architect, specifier, consultant, contractor, building owner and the manufacturer. In addition, prefabrication reduces the material waste associated with roll goods systems. Since each project is pre-engineered and designed for the specific needs of each individual application, it provides precise coverage. Duro-Last manufactures a full line of standard and custom-made accessories.

Duro-Last stack flashing is prefabricated and used every time there is an instance of a round penetration.

Duro-Last edge flashings are fabricated with precision from a rigid exterior vinyl. To acutely meet technical and aesthetic specifications, the flashings are available in a vast variety of colors, formats and styles.

This is a Duro-Last curb flashing. Each is individually precision-crafted to your specifications at our plant to ensure a perfect fit for every roof penetration.

Duro-Last coated screws provide incredible pull strength while always remaining corrosion resistant. The 2-inch diameter Poly Plate conforms to the necessary properties of weatherability and resiliency. In order to enhance the wind-uplift characteristic of the Duro-Last Membrane, the Duro-Last Poly Plates have 10 “feet” on the bottom.

These patented Duro-Last two-way air vents are installed every 1000 square feet.  Their job is to balance pressure and ensure dissipation of any moisture in the pre-existing roof.

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