The Right Maintenance. Most if not all roofing material manufacturers require some sort of regular roof maintenance or roof inspection to maintain a active warranty. Occasionally damage may occur and the proper repair by an authorized roofing contractor is also a very critical part of maintaining a healthy warranty. A small investment for an annual or bi-annual roof inspection can and has proved to make all the difference in your proper asset management. “An out of sight, out of mind” mentality is a dangerous mentality that many property owners and managers carry toward their roofing systems.

Proactive Maintenance

The Proactive strategy is the best strategy in preserving and maintaining the longevity of your roof. It is proven that a well maintained roof lasts longer and saves

Proper asset management should extend to regular preventative care for your roof, such as

  • Regular cleaning and attention to normal wear.
  • Annual roof inspection and evaluation.

*Maintaining an up to date and accurate roof evaluation of your roof can keep you on top of any new or unknown damages and or problematic issues. Catching problems while they are still manageable is key in proper asset management. Additionally, many manufacturers offer warranty extension incentives for documented inspections.