What is Duro-Last?

Duro-Last Membrane is fabricated from a low-shrink weft inserted 18×14, high-tenacity 1000 Denier coated polyester with a proven thermoplastic alloy. Because this specially formulated permanent thermoplastic alloy does not have conventional plasticizers, it will not migrate from the coating. The Duro-Last Membrane is available in white, gray or tan.

The membrane is resistant to micro-organisms and ultra-violet rays. The polyester fabric has a superb tear and puncture strength while also remaining impervious to acids, petroleum products, and most caustic chemicals. It will not show any negative effects from neither heat nor cold.

Because 80-85% of all seams and all of the accessories (flashings, corners, vents, drain liners, etc) are welded in our factory, we are able to install immense sheets of up to 2500 square feet. This reduces field error, waste and most importantly, it speeds installation. We weld all field seams with heat (hot air) as not to use hazardous chemicals or torches.

Will we need to close our business for the roof installation?

Certainly not! The Duro-Last Roofing System is pre-cut and pre-measured, which makes it quick and easy to install. In addition,  all of the accessories are included. We complete the job without the use of any hazardous materials, and it is all done quietly, easily and cleanly. Because Duro-Last can be installed right over most existing substrates, tear-off and disposal costs are eliminated.

What type of maintenance is needed?

Adjustments such as patches, stacks, curbs and expansions are simply welded to the membrane at any time. This is easily accomplished because the Duro-Last System never cures. If the building expands, the roof moves with it. Duro-Last provides resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, algae, biological growth and temperatures.

Duro-Last is a friend to the environment. Ownership costs are low because the roof can be cleaned with ordinary products such as Simple Green or TSP.  Duro-Last  is perfect for offices, schools, churches, restaurants, hospitals, malls, and apartments because it emits no chemicals or odors.

Duro-Last is removable and reusable. When one building needed a major structural repair, Alternative Roofing Systems, Inc. was able to peel back the membrane and re-install that same membrane when the work was done, saving the client $10,000.

What about Duro-Last warranties?

Duro-Last roofs installed by Alternative Roofing Systems, Inc. carry a 15 year limited warranty.

For the entire fifteen years the roof will be repaired at no additional cost to the owner. Duro-Last, Inc. will supply replacement materials and labor during this period. Duro-Last carries a Twelve Million Dollar Product Liability Insurance Policy that protects non-residential buildings and their contents if it is damaged due to failure of the Duro-Last roofing system, within the terms of the warranty.

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