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Roofing Replacement

Commercial roof replacement jobs require far more expertise than residential roofing. Why might that be? It’s because commercial roof replacements are usually much larger than residential roof replacement and require unique roofing materials. For these reasons, it is all the more important that business-owners and commercial property-owners give their roof replacement requirements to an expert in the industry: Alternative Roofing Solutions.

Roofing Inspections

Many roofing companies offer free commercial roof inspections. These inspections are oftentimes no-obligation and give commercial roof contractors the opportunity to show building owners their expertise and value.

However, where many – if not most – contractors differ from each other is the quality of the free inspection they offer. Fly-by-night or less-than-stellar roofing companies may perform roof inspections that are quick or hardly comprehensive in order to increase their number of bids within an area or seemingly maximize their time. But any roof inspection that is done too quickly or anything less than the utmost awareness and precision can spell disaster for a building owner’s needs. After all, if a roof’s issues or developing problems are not identified, then what will prevent those issues from arising in the short-run or long-run?

Roofing Repair

If you spot a problem with your Duro-Last roofing, keep the warranty intact by engaging a qualified Duro-Last roofing contractor to complete the repair. Not all PVC roofing responds equally well to chemical solvents or heat seaming, which is why hiring a qualified expert is so important.

Your local, dependable Duro-Last contractor can investigate the repair work, choose the best solution, and generally make the repair quickly and easily. Having the right tools, the correct mil thickness of repair material, and the proper training from Duro-Last makes the job a breeze.

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